Hearing Aids

Hearing loss is debilitating, and can greatly reduce your quality of life. Depression, anxiety, and isolation are common. Memory and cognition are affected. Recent studies indicate there’s a strong correlation between hearing loss and dementia. It’s not a condition to take lightly.

hearing aids redmondFortunately, hearing aids can help many with hearing loss regain their quality of life – if they choose to seek treatment. It is estimated that only one out of five people who can benefit from hearing aids actually use them. For many, there is a stigma over wearing them. Patients feel hearing aids will make them look old. In reality, untreated hearing loss is much more obvious to others. Today’s hearing aids are smaller and more powerful than ever; advances in digital technology have led to sound that is clearer and more natural, and a variety of features that reduce or eliminate bothersome side effects such as feedback.

If you’ve been diagnosed with hearing loss, we urge you to schedule an appointment to come see for yourself how hearing aids can change your life for the better. Keep in mind that hearing loss is an ongoing process, and your hearing is likely to change over time. By choosing a comprehensive practice like Central Oregon Audiology, you’re assured of receiving quality care targeted to your level of hearing loss – regardless of how it evolves over the years.