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Jeanette Van Kessel M.A., F-AAA - Audiologists Bend Oregon

Jeanette Van Kessel


Audiologsit, Jeanette Van Kessel received her B.A. and B.Ed. from Acadia University in Canada and her M.A. in Audiology from Oregon State University. She completed her clinical fellowship in Toronto, Canada in 1988. In preparation for private practice, she accepted staff Audiology positions in busy urban hospital and rehabilitation settings. Later, she served on the staffs of private practice, hearing conservation and hearing device manufacturing until she founded Central Oregon Audiology.

“After having made my home and practiced here for almost 25 years, I remain gratified and excited by my choice of profession. In recent years, administrative duties have occupied much of my time, however, my primary interest is diagnostic Audiology. Most people are unaware of the many ear related disorders or how hearing loss, dizziness and tinnitus are symptoms or early warning signs of the body. I enjoy the diagnostic process of systematically ruling these out with the vast array of technology at our disposal. I enjoy getting to know the individuals with whom I am working, and monitoring their status over time.

Other areas of my specific interest and responsibility include oversight of our mobile Hearing Conservation for Industry Division. Employers of noise exposed workers are required to monitor hearing safety through annual testing. My role as an Audiologist is to review, track and alert employers of shifting hearing for exposed workers. Central Oregon Audiology manages hearing conservation for most of the employers with high noise in the region East of the Cascades.

In addition to the above I very much enjoy our diagnostic and screening clinics for the underserved and underinsured, operated regularly here, where we see adults to newborns including NICU babies.

Outside of the office I love spending time with my 3 daughters, visiting Nova Scotia (my birthplace), kayaking, running, cycling, gardening, candle making and most recently beekeeping!”

Cory Richards M.A., F-AAA - Audiologist Redmond Oregon

Cory Richards


Audiologsit, Cory Richards received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Washington State University. He completed his internships at University of Pennsylvania and Oregon Health Science University with a specialty in Vestibular disorders (diagnosis and treatment of patients with issues of dizziness, balance and sudden onset hearing loss).

He was appointed to the staff of private practice within the Pullman Regional Hospital in Washington, followed by four plus years with an ear, nose, and throat clinic.

“My years with Central Oregon Audiology have been an enormous opportunity for me to achieve my professional goals. The responsibilities that I have to the wide variety of patient needs addressed here are significant and very rewarding. My caseload includes patients with challenging communication needs. In this setting, which is a completely independent practice, I can select any hearing aid technology in existence. This gives me the flexibility to work carefully with each patient to provide exactly what they need for good value and to absolutely optimize that patient’s potential to hear and understand.

For some people, hearing aids are not an adequate solution but maybe Cochlear Implants are. It has been my great privilege to lead the cochlear implant program for Central Oregon Audiology, the only programming, mapping and assessment site for our entire region. We are very proud of the success of the program and especially of the impact on the lives of those we serve.

In addition to providing solutions for hearing problems, my specialty area is with patients who suffer from dizziness or vertigo. Dizziness is often a symptom of disorders of the vestibular system, a part of the inner ear that must work in synchrony with the brain and eyes in order for us to remain balanced and upright. Using technologies at Central Oregon Audiology I am able to isolate vestibular issues and sometimes reverse the dizzy symptom. I am currently very interested in vestibular studies of the predictive capability for stroke.

Outside of the office I enjoy the great outdoors with my wife and two children. I go climbing and backpacking at every opportunity and also put in many hours on the soccer field as a coach for the kids. See pictures here! We have lived in Bend for 7 years and would not trade it.”

Marya Berry B.Sc., CAOHC - Audiologsit Bend - Redmond oregon

Marya Berry


Audiologsit Marya Berry graduated from Mount Saint Vincent University in Canada with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1992. She joined Central Oregon Audiology as occupational hearing conservationist in 1999. For 15 years she has supported the audiologists in the hearing device dispensing program as a licensed dispenser and manages the mobile community outreach clinic.

“My area of special interest is always hearing aids. I love working with people and I am a bit of a nerd so the combination of humans and hearing technology is my perfect career. I realize how difficult life can be for those who struggle with hearing loss. I have worked with Central Oregonians for 15 years here at the clinic and have known many of them for all of that time. The importance of consistent follow up cannot be overemphasized in hearing aid care. Although our technology selection is from the best manufacturers in the world the success of our clients depends upon my ability to manage the care over time. Hearing is ever changing, as are patients themselves, and my job is to guide the hearing aid user through the years using all the programming skills, experience, maintenance advice, educational and counseling skills and technology advances for their benefit. I look forward to helping people every day.
Outside of my work I enjoy activities with my husband such as jet skiing, quad riding, walking the dogs and the occasional local brew.”

Julia Hunt M.A., F-AAA - Audiologst Bend Oregon


Julia Hunt


Audiologist, Julia Hunt joined Central Oregon Audiology in 1994. She graduated from University of Texas at El Paso in 1992 and received her M.A. in Audiology from University of Northern Colorado in 1994. Julia was an audiologist and hearing device dispensing provider for the Redmond location.

Julia’s interests include motorcycles, hiking, shooting all guns (especially black powder), reading, cooking, her family and her cats.

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