Custom Ear Plugs

Custom ear plugs offer excellent protection from potential hearing loss. Because ears vary in size and shape, the most effective ear plugs will be custom made from molds of your ears. We offer a variety of custom ear plugs designed specifically for different activities.

Shooters Plugs

Custom Ear Plugs and hearing protection in bend and redmond oregonA single gunshot can cause irreparable damage to your hearing. This isn’t surprising when you consider the decibel rating from a gunshot (140 dB) is higher than that of a jet engine (120 dB). If you’re a hunter, you’ll want to protect your ears with custom ear plugs designed to prevent hearing damage from gunshots. These electronic earplugs feature an acoustic filter that softens loud sounds while amplifying quiet ones. They contain a valve that closes automatically when struck by a sound pressure wave.

Musician Monitors

Musicians rely on music for their livelihood, and are often exposed to loud sounds for extended periods of time on a regular basis. The inevitable consequence, of course, is hearing loss. Standard earplugs reduce sounds in the higher frequencies, causing distortion and muffled speech. Custom hi-fidelity earplugs designed for musicians work by reducing sounds evenly, resulting in music and speech that is clear and natural – just quieter. Because musicians rehearse and perform in different settings, these earplugs come with interchangeable attenuators that offer different levels of sound reduction for a variety of listening conditions.

Swimmer & Surfers Earplugs

When moisture enters the ear canals, it can cause itchiness, pain and infection, and may lead to conditions such as swimmer’s ear and surfer’s ear. These can both cause permanent hearing loss if untreated. Swimmers, and those who participate in other water activities, should invest in a good pair of swimmer’s earplugs for protection. These are typically made of waterproof silicone that blocks the opening to the ear canal rather than being inserted in the ear for a tight seal that prevents water from entering the ears.

Hearing Protection

High decibel levels in the workplace are a leading cause of hearing loss. Even though OSHA has mandated the use of hearing protection in industrial settings, standard earplugs don’t always offer adequate protection from noisy equipment and machinery. Custom industrial strength ear plugs provide hearing protection for the most extreme high decibel situations.

If you participate in any of these activities, stop in today to ensure your hearing is protected from long-lasting damage.