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In order to offer hearing technology support to rural residents, Central Oregon Audiology operates a pair of mobile dispensary and service centers in Burns and Prineville. We suggest individuals who suspect hearing loss, know they have hearing loss and require hearing devices, or already have hearing devices purchased from Central Oregon Audiology or elsewhere take advantage of the opportunity and stop by for a visit. There are plenty of reasons for coming in.

Why We Provide a Mobile Hearing Aid Dispensary

We provide a mobile dispensary to fulfill our promise of exceptional value. As a practice completely committed to successful patient outcomes and patient satisfaction, we offer this additional and unsurpassed layer of care.

  • Hearing devices require regular cleaning and maintenance in order to operate most efficiently. Experts recommend having your devices cleaned and checked every three months.
  • Those with hearing loss should have their hearing checked annually. Even with hearing devices, hearing may continue to diminish over time. To communicate most effectively, it’s important to reprogram your hearing devices to match your current hearing ability.
  • Individuals who wear hearing devices benefit from periodic retraining in the proper use and care of their instruments.
  • Hearing devices may occasionally break down. Easy access to repair services is crucial for the most effective and reliable long-term communication.

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The mobile will make a monthly visit to your area. The Harney District Hospital hosts this service on the 3rd Monday of each month. Please call for an appointment to confirm the dates at (541) 647-2871 and request the mobile date for your community. Your doctor’s office will also know the dates.

  • Hearing Screening
  • Hearing Threshold Testing
  • Reporting and Medical Referral
  • Referral for Diagnostic Audiology or Ear, Nose and Throat
  • Hearing Technology:

    • Evaluation
    • Recommendation
    • Fitting and Dispensing
    • Programming and Reprogramming
    • Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair
    • Objective Technology Measurement and Objective
    • Verification of Appropriate Fitting Results


The mobile arrives on the third Thursday of every month.It is an adult clinic staffed by a Certified Clinical Audiologist.Insurance is accepted including Medicare and OHP.

  • Complete diagnostic
  • Audiological evaluations
  • Hearing aid consultations and fitting
  • Hearing aid checkups, including devices NOT originally purchased with our clinic

What the Mobile Dispensary is Not

The mobile dispensary and service center is not a pediatric or diagnostic Audiology facility. Our clinics in Redmond and Bend are staffed with Certified Clinical Audiologists, and patients who require this level of service will be referred to the clinics. The mobile dispensary is staffed with a licensed hearing aid dispenser who has been a long term provider for Central Oregon Audiology and works as a team with the Audiologists. The mobile dispensary is not staffed with personnel certified to assess children under the age of 18.