Cochlear Implant Candidacy

For an individual with severe to profound hearing loss who does not succeed with hearing aids, the prospect of cochlear implantation is extremely exciting. It, however, is not appropriate for everyone. A patient must meet certain guidelines prior to proceeding with the surgery. In Central Oregon, the candidacy evaluation process as well as the activation, mapping and ongoing follow up is conducted at Central Oregon Audiology, the cochlear implant service for the region east of the Cascades.

Cochlear Implant Candidacy Assessments

Cochlear implant Redmond BendAny patient with a significant hearing disorder may make an appointment for an assessment. Insurance, including OHP is accepted. During the assessment visit, the Audiologist will complete a battery of tests with and without hearing aids. Patients should allow 2 hours so that all questions and concerns may be addressed. For the qualified candidate, a recommendation and selection of implant type will be made. The surgery occurs in Portland and may require only one visit there. The referral will be made for you. Surgery is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and many other insurances. For more information or for an appointment, please contact Central Oregon Audiology (Bend location) at (541) 389-6669.