Communication Tips

Hearing loss doesn’t just affect the individual with a hearing impairment. Friends, family and loved ones all must learn to adopt effective communication strategies. Following are steps you can take to enhance communication with somebody who has hearing loss.

  • Position yourself in front of the individual and face him or her directly before engaging in conversation
  • hearing loss and communication tips in bend orMake sure you are at eye level to one another to assist with visual cues
  • Ensure you have the individual’s attention by using his/her name before speaking
  • Speak clearly and slowly without making exaggerated mouth movements or shouting, which distorts speech
  • Avoid lengthy and complicated sentences, and make sure you aren’t talking too quickly
  • Choose a different way of expressing the same thing if the hearing impaired person is having trouble understanding what you are saying
  • Eliminate distractions while speaking: keep your hands away from your face and avoid eating or smoking
  • If the person with hearing loss can hear better in one ear, position yourself next to that one
  • Make sure the hearing impaired individual is aware of the conversation topic before you begin speaking
  • Encourage handwritten notes in situations where specific information is required
  • Pay attention to the person you are speaking to
  • Enroll in aural rehabilitation classes together to learn the most effective communication strategies