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Hearing Conservation Programs

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Am I required to provide a hearing conservation program?

Exposure to loud noise causes hearing loss. OSHA requires employers to protect
workers from losing hearing on the job. Certain loud sound exposures are not allowed.

If your noise levels exceed 85 decibels, OSHA requires that you provide a hearing
conservation program. Central Oregon Audiology can help you to determine who in your
organization must be enrolled, if anyone. The OSHA standards are provided below, but
call us for guidance in determining your exposures.

Hours dBA
8 90
4 95
2 100
1 105
0.5 110
.25 115

**No impact exposure over 140dB

What is a Hearing Conservation Program?

There are three parts:

  1. Identifying and reducing damaging noise levels as possible through engineering and
    ear protection.
  2. Testing hearing annually for exposed workers by a CAOHC certified technician.
  3. Tracking and monitoring results year over year and appropriately following up on
    OSHA regulation based on the employee’s test results. This portion must be conducted
    by a Certified Clinical Audiologist.

How can I do this?

  1. Have our mobile clinic come to your site
  2. –or–

  3. Send your employees to our certified clinics.

Either way, Central Oregon Audiology can manage the process from beginning to end
so that you are protected and your employees are protected.


  1. No more worries about OSHA compliance.
  2. An inexpensive benefit for workers.
  3. Hassle free so you can focus on your business.
  4. Great hearing health for your workers resulting in fewer claims over time.

Our Industrial Hearing Conservation Services and Options

  • Employee hearing testing
  • Four employees every 15 minutes
  • Mobile or in clinic
  • Baseline testing
  • Annual testing
  • Baseline comparison and case review
  • Clear recommendations
  • Medical referral
  • Audiological follow-up
  • Reporting to employers with easy to follow recommendations
  • Employer access to audiologist by phone