Pediatric Services

pediatric services in bend and redmond

Pediatric hearing loss is difficult to deal with. Children with hearing impairment are at a particular disadvantage, as it can negatively affect their language and social development. Fortunately, if caught early, treatment is often successful and your child can enjoy a normal, healthy life.

Central Oregon Audiology offers a variety of pediatric services for children with hearing loss. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Infant Hearing Screening

You may think newborns are immune to hearing loss, but sadly, it’s one of the most common birth disorders, affecting roughly 1-3 out of every 1,000 newborns. Fortunately, with early intervention, the impact can be minimized. 98% of U.S.-born babies underwent Infant hearing screening in 2011, the most recent year studied.

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Auditory Processing Disorders

Sometimes, children exhibit classic signs of hearing loss: they do not hear well, or may only understand a portion of what is being said. They experience learning difficulties, particularly in environments with lots of background noise.

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Swimming Plugs

Most children love playing in the water. Swimming lessons are a rite of passage, and once that feat is mastered, it’s a rare parent who isn’t pestered for a trip to the swimming pool, water park, beach or local watering hole. However, frequent exposure to water can result in nasty, painful ear infections and other conditions.

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